Patrick Mahomes reveals why he has NOT called for tighter gun laws after shooting at Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl parade killed a mother of two: ‘I continue to educate myself’

Patrick Mahomes has revealed why he has not called for tighter gun laws in the wake of a fatal shooting during the team’s Super Bowl parade in February.

A 43-year-old mother of two was killed that day in Kansas City, with court documents saying at least six people fired weapons. 

Speaking to TIME, Mahomes said, ‘I continue to educate myself. I don’t want to make a quick response to something that takes a lot of education to really learn and make a swaying comment based off that. But I know we have to find a solution of some way to make this stuff stop.’

Following the shooting – which left about two dozen people injured – Mahomes and his wife, Brittany, reportedly donated $50,000 to a fund started by the Chiefs to aid victims of the shootings, as well as first responders involved.

They also visited two young sisters – just eight and 10 years old – in the hospital after the pair was shot in the legs.

Patrick Mahomes said he wants to ‘continue to educate myself’ when it comes to gun reform

Mahomes poses on the cover of TIME for the magazine's 'Most Influential People' edition

Mahomes poses on the cover of TIME for the magazine’s ‘Most Influential People’ edition

‘Praying for Kansas City…,’ the quarterback posted to X afterwards.

Last month, three Missouri men were hit with federal gun charges in connection to the parade shooting.

Fedo Antonia Manning, 22, Ronnel Dewayne Williams, Jr., 21 and Chaelyn Hendrick Groves, 19, were charged with illegal firearms trafficking and straw purchases of firearms.

The shooting killed mom Lisa Lopez-Galvan, a mother-of-two and a popular radio DJ.

Mahomes also told TIME that he will stay silent ahead of this year’s US presidential election, and not publicly endorse a candidate like he did in 2020.

 ‘I don’t want to pressure anyone to vote for a certain President,’ he said. ‘I want people to use their voice, whoever they believe in. I want them to do the research.’


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