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Emirati champion Rashid Al Dhaheri is preparing to participate in the Euro and Italian Formula 4 championships

Abu Dhabi, April 16 / WAM / The champion Emirati Formula 4 driver, Rashid Al Dhaheri, is preparing to participate in the Italian Formula 4 and Euro Formula 4 championships, starting from the beginning of next May until October 2024.

Al Dhaheri stressed that being crowned first place in the 2024 Emirates Formula 4 race is an important milestone in his sporting career, and reinforces his continued ambition by being on the podium, leading to his greatest goal of participating in the Formula 1 championship and competing for the first positions.

He said: I am facing many important challenges this year, and I am seeking good preparation that will enable me to achieve my aspirations of reaching the first places. My presence in various tournaments inside or outside the Emirates is a great motivation to benefit from these participations and gain good experiences, which will enhance my aspirations in the future. .

Emirati champion Rashid Al Dhaheri called on the sons and daughters of the Emirates to persevere and be keen to compete and win first places in various sports competitions locally and abroad, to raise the country’s flag in sports tournaments at all levels.

The virtual champion spoke about the great support he receives from his family, and said: I feel very grateful for the continuous encouragement from my family, and the keenness to increase the passion to reach the first positions, and the success I achieved in the past culminates these efforts, and the next will certainly be at the level of this trust and support, and I hope that I always achieve my family’s ambition and raise the UAE flag on all platforms

The Emirati champion expressed his happiness at attending the “Made in Italy” activities yesterday evening at the residence of the Italian Ambassador in Abu Dhabi, and was awarded the “Made in Italy” Ambassador Award for his role in consolidating the position of Italian products in the UAE, thanking His Excellency Lorenzo Vanara, Ambassador. The Italian has received this award from the state.

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