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"Federal National" Participates in a legislators forum "Irina" In Abu Dhabi

ABU DHABI, 16 APRIL / WAM / Her Excellency Mira Sultan Al Suwaidi, Member of the Federal National Council, participated today, Tuesday, in the work of the Renewable Energy Policy Legislators Forum, organized by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) in Abu Dhabi, under the title “The Building Blocks for a Renewable Future: Accelerating Progress.” “Towards tripling renewable energy sources.”

The forum, which was held as part of the work accompanying the fourteenth session of the Agency’s General Assembly, hosted by the capital, Abu Dhabi, witnessed the presence of His Excellency Francesco La Camera, Director-General of the International Renewable Energy Agency, representatives of the Inter-Parliamentary Union, and various parliaments of the world.

Her Excellency Mira Al Suwaidi said in a speech to the Federal National Council, “The UAE’s leadership and people are committed to the measures and plans that achieve a cleaner and greener tomorrow, and the UAE has been playing a pioneering role in investing in renewable energy sources for more than 15 years, exploiting the potential of solar energy, wind energy, and others.” Of clean energies, and investments in this field exceeded more than 150 billion dollars. Despite being an oil-rich country, the country realized the need for diversification, we respected the need for conservation, and we knew that one day we would celebrate the last barrel of oil produced. The leadership of the UAE has developed this approach. The future in the global quest for sustainable energy solutions.

She added, “As we witness record temperatures and increasingly extreme weather events, we must act decisively to limit the global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius, and the consensus reached at COP28, known as the “Historic UAE Climate Agreement,” confirms our collective commitment. “To triple global renewable energy capacity by 2030, this pledge serves as our guiding star in charting a path toward a sustainable future.”

Her Excellency Mira Al Suwaidi pointed out that the commitment to triple energy capacity by 2030 is a vital step towards achieving our climate goals. However, this ambition must be matched by concrete actions, and it is necessary that we accelerate the transition to renewable energy, and this includes addressing climate financing issues, to ensure Directing resources towards areas of greatest need, as well as prioritizing the well-being and livelihoods of communities and livelihoods affected by this transformation, especially the most vulnerable communities and island nations, inclusivity must be at the core of our efforts, leaving no one behind as we move forward towards a more sustainable future.”

She said, “Before looking at our role as legislators, we need to think that we are role models and we need to instill sustainable habits in our daily lives and in our roles. We exercise significant influence on the policies and frameworks that shape our societies. By ensuring our governments’ commitments to triple renewable energy capacity, we respect Our responsibility to humanity and the planet; however, our work remains insufficient, and we must take concrete legislative action to facilitate and stimulate investment in renewable energy infrastructure and technologies.”

Federal National Council proposals were presented in the speech, which emphasized the importance of enacting legislative reforms that remove barriers and create an enabling environment for investment in renewable energy. This includes: simplifying regulatory processes, providing incentives to adopt clean energy, and enhancing international cooperation in the field of research and development, and these measures stimulate growth. economic, contributes to creating job opportunities and enhances collective efforts in combating climate change.

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