France holds the Houthi militias responsible for the economic deterioration in Yemen

Today, France held the Houthi militias responsible for the deteriorating economic conditions in Yemen by taking measures that it said “caused the impoverishment of the population.”

The Deputy Political Coordinator of France to the United Nations, Clarice Paolini, said in A speech before the Security Council, reported by “Al-Yemen” channel. Satellite channel excerpts from it today – The Houthi militias are deliberately tampering with the stability of the Yemeni economy, especially by manipulating the Yemeni currency and issuing counterfeit currencies without the approval of the official central bank in Aden.

Paolini stressed: On the need to direct full support to the economic measures taken by the legitimate Yemeni government to confront any attempts that would weaken the Yemeni economy and give it the necessary means to regain sovereignty over the country again.

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