The terrorist threat is "serious and it must be considered as such"assures the national anti-terrorism prosecutor

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The terrorist threat “is serious and must be considered as such”assures Tuesday April 16 on France Inter Jean-François Ricard, national anti-terrorism prosecutor. Nearly 100 days before the Paris 2024 Games, the magistrate specifies that he “there are no concrete threats” because terrorist groups “are not going to say [qu’ils vont] strike on such a day, at such a time and in such a place. But he calls for “take it seriously” the global threat weighing on France, evoking in particular the attack near Moscow which left 144 dead on March 22.

Jean-François Ricard maintains that “the main terrorist threat today remains the endogenous threat, that is to say [provenant] of an individual who is already on our territory”. He affirms that since the creation of the national anti-terrorism prosecution (Pnat), “19 attacks” could be avoided and all were “arising from this endogenous threat”. However, he observes “for about a year and a half” there “resurgence of an exogenous threat, that is to say of a projected possibility of action”as was the case during the attacks of November 2015.

The magistrate thus evokes the presence of a “a certain number of individuals, from our country, and at large in north-west Syria”. “Others are in the Maghreb countries after leaving the Iraqi-Syrian zone and they can return to European territory, notably via Spain,” warns the national anti-terrorism prosecutor. Jean-François Ricard also points out the “famous threat from the Islamic State in Khorasan”its Afghan branch “which can activate individuals originating from Central Asia (…) or the North Caucasus”.

He also returns to the “around 500 condemned” followed by its national anti-terrorism prosecution. He specifies that a “a little more than half are still in detention and the others are in open custody”. Jean-François Ricard therefore judges “totally serious” THE “risk of recurrence for a certain number of them” and considers that it is “of a real subject”. To ensure this monitoring, a “series of measures are implemented for a limited time” through “obligations, even prohibitions”. It is, specifies the prosecutor, “judicial or administrative measures”.

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