"Kuwait Aviation"Cairo, Jeddah, and Doha are among the most popular travel destinations

The Kuwait General Administration of Civil Aviation confirmed that the total passenger traffic to and from Kuwait International Airport during the month of last March amounted to one million and 67 thousand and 674 passengers, and that the most popular destinations for travel are Cairo, Dubai, Jeddah, Dhaka and Doha.

He explained. Deputy Director General for Aviation Safety, Air Transport and Civil Aviation Security, Imad Al-Jalawi, said in a statement today, Tuesday, that Kuwait International Airport witnessed a decrease in passenger traffic by 8 percent and an increase in aircraft traffic by 7 percent, while air cargo traffic increased by 14 percent during the month of last March compared to the same period last year.

Al-Jalawi added that the movement of arriving passengers reached – during last March – 552,856 passengers, while the movement of departing passengers amounted to 514,818 passengers, indicating The total movement of aircraft operated to and from Kuwait International Airport – during March – amounted to 9,950 flights, compared to 9,383 flights in March 2023.

With regard to air cargo movement, it was reported that cargo movement amounted to – During last March – about 21 million kilograms, while the incoming freight movement amounted to about 17.1 million kilograms, while the outgoing freight movement amounted to about 3.9 million kilograms.

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