AIM Investment Summit: Entries from 53 countries in the startup competition

Abu Dhabi, April 16 / WAM / The organizing committee of the AIM Investment Summit, in cooperation with Bloom Company, will hold, the day after tomorrow, Thursday, a virtual workshop, with the aim of preparing those qualified to win within the first stages of the startup competition, which is organized annually on the sidelines of the activities of the (AIM) Investment Summit. To provide a competitive environment for these companies to communicate and establish relationships with investors, government officials and key stakeholders.

Emerging companies are one of the main themes of the AIM Investment Summit, which is organized under the slogan “Adapting to the Transformation of the Investment Landscape… Harnessing New Potentials to Promote Global Economic Development,” during the period from 7 to 9 next May at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center, with the support of… From the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology, and the Department of Economic Development – Abu Dhabi (the main partner).

Based on the importance of the startup sector in national economies, the AIM Investment Summit 2024 seeks to provide an ideal platform for investors, who are looking for new ways and projects to invest in sustainable and innovative development, as well as governments that are looking for emerging projects to drive sustainable economic growth in various fields to explore solutions. Innovative investment opportunities, establishing partnerships and exchanging knowledge with entrepreneurs, as well as financing opportunities for winning entrepreneurial projects.

The workshop seeks to prepare startups that qualified in the first competitive rounds and train them in preparation for the final round during the activities of the 13th session of the AIM Investment Summit 2024, by inviting these startups to complete a short assessment on the Bloom platform, which enables them to assess the extent of their readiness and determine priorities. And areas of improvement to maximize and enrich their participation, as well as providing an ideal opportunity during the workshop for companies to communicate with their peers and exchange knowledge, expertise and experiences.

The startup competition attracted participants from 53 countries around the world that are looking to attract capital, expand into new markets, or establish relationships and conclude trade and investment deals in those countries, most notably China, Latin American countries, many African countries, and others, which provides an ideal platform for participants to showcase… Their innovations and the chance to win cash prizes worth a total of $60,000.

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