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Happy birthday to Bérangère Krief! The comedian and actress celebrates her 41st birthday on April 16, 2024. Her beginnings, her annulled marriage with a well-known colleague, her career… Here are her secrets.

Bérangère Krief celebrates its 41st birthday this April 16! The comedian has managed to make his way in the landscape of French comedians and continues to move forward! But what do you know about her? Here are its secrets.

Bérangère Krief was born on April 16, 1983 in Lyon. She began her theatrical journey at the age of 9 and maintained this passionate commitment throughout her school years. Over time, theater transformed into a true vocation for her.

In 2011, when she had already written her first show, she met the authors of the series Brief, Kyan Khojandi and Bruno Muschio. She then accepted a role in the series, on Canal+. It was this role that made him known to the general public. But her character of Marla was not always easy to take on, especially with her family. In fact, she plays the role of “regular sex plan”. A character that she is afraid to show to her family.

“It really sexualized me, so it was quite strange for me,” declared the actress and comedian to Nathalie Lévy in the show As an aside. “I was both funny and at the same time a bit like a porn actress”. “I have a family [qui ressemble à] a clan. When I do something, there are a whole bunch of messages and everyone is there. So it’s very touching, but now I’m starting to freak out and I don’t know what to say to my family, actually.”she added.

What are the Bérangère Krief shows?

Series Brief gives it a certain notoriety. Bérangère Krief becomes very popular and she rewrites her show with the help of Jérôme Daran, the co-author of Florence Foresti. She names her show, Bérangere Krief, quite simply. Very quickly, her show sold out in several French theaters between 2011 and 2017. It is from this period that she appears more and more in numerous projects.

In which films did Bérangère Krief appear?

Building on its success, Bérangère Krief was offered several opportunities. The actress left her mark on the world of cinema and the French stage with her unique talent and her radiant presence. His career really took off in 2016 with his first major role in Adopt a Widower, under the direction of Vincent Desagnat. Alongside André Dussollier, she shines with her natural and endearing acting skills, contributing to the success of the film which attracts more than a million spectators.

This success was crowned by recognition at the Alpe d’Huez film festival, marking a decisive turning point in his career. Two years later, in July 2018, Bérengère continued her momentum by landing the lead role in “School is over “by Anne Depétrini.

What are Bérangère Krief’s latest projects?

Between 2019 and 2023, Bérengère returns to the stage with Love, a show that perfectly combines humor and emotion. Her talent for touching the hearts of the public allows her to attract more than 350,000 spectators, thus confirming her status as a versatile artist. In 2021, she broadens her horizon by joining the cast of the first French edition of LOL, he who laughs comes out!broadcast on Prime Video.

September 2023 marks a new stage in his film career with “New start”, a film directed by Philippe Lefebvre. Sharing the bill with Karin Viard and Franck Dubosc, Bérengère Krief continues to impress with her ability to renew herself and embrace varied roles.

Why did Bérangère Krief cancel her marriage?

Bérangère Krief had a love affair with Monsieur Octopus for years. A love story that seemed perfect. However, when they were supposed to get married, their marriage was canceled five months before the event. “I had to get married. We had organized the wedding and everything, before it cost money, in other words the validations. That is to say, I had chosen the dress, the room, the caterer, said the young woman on the set of I love you etc. in 2020. There was still a big step, and I was in the romantic comedy where I had always wanted to be, it was. “It was beautiful, New York and everything really, I was Meg Ryan.”she confided in the show one Sunday in the countryside.

The actress then decided to go to Australia for a month and on her return, the idea of ​​her new show Love was born. “My goal was to tell people who are heartbroken: ‘This will do it!’ “, she explained.

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