Russian newspaper: Israel and Iran may be on the verge of a major war

 The newspaper “Nezavisimaya Gazeta” published In its issue issued today (Tuesday), the Russian Federation published an article under the title “Iran responded to Israel in an amazing and ineffective way,” saying that Tehran and Tel Aviv may be on the brink of a major war, but everyone does not need such a war. 

< p>She indicated that the strike carried out by Iran on Israeli territory on the night of April 14, constituted the culmination of the proxy confrontation between the two countries, which began with the events of October 7, 2023. 

She added that the Iranian strike on Israel leaves a feeling that Tehran is not… In a state that allows it to wage a war with Tel Aviv that ends with its victory, she explained that the Iranian authorities appear to have warned the leaders of neighboring countries against the attack on Israel 72 hours before it was carried out alongside the United States. 

The Russian expert in international affairs said Elena Soponina told the newspaper: “Israeli air defenses are capable of repelling such attacks, as the events of the night from April 13 to 14 demonstrated,” noting that Iran did not set for itself the goal of causing significant harm to the Israeli state.

She added. Soponina: “The Iranians have responded to the killing of their senior officers and demonstrated their capabilities, and now they want with all their might to remain on the brink of a long and major war.” She continues: “Tehran expects the Israelis to respond in the same symbolic way or not to respond, but the expectation that the incident will end after the exchange of blows may not happen.” “He will be justified.”  

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