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Sydney Sweeney’s ‘Immaculate’ Sets Digital Release Date

Sydney Sweeney’s horror movie “Immaculate” is making its way to digital platforms soon, so audiences can be scared from the comfort of their own homes. The film is be available for digital purchase and rental as of Tuesday and on Blu-Ray and DVD starting June 11.

“Immaculate” originally premiered at SXSW but made its theatrical debut on March 22, grossing over $12 million at the domestic box office in its opening. It stars Sweeney, who also produced it alongside her finacée Jonathan Davino. Michael Mohan directed after working with Sweeney previously on “The Voyeurs” and “Everything Sucks.” 

The movie follows Sweeney as an American nun, Sister Cecilia, who transfers to a convent in the Italian countryside. During her time there, she discovers the convent is fostering some frightening secrets. The eeriness amps up when Cecilia, who is a virgin, becomes pregnant and delivers an unforgettable ending full of gore. This film is unlike other religious stereotypes in the horror genre and is “refreshingly free of the pseudo-theology that usually bogs down films set inside the church,” wrote critic Stephen Saito in Variety’s review.

Sweeney spoke to Variety about how she’d been attached to this project before she auditioned for “Euphoria.” 

“So the script has been around for 10 years — I auditioned for it when I was 16. And it was a very different draft. I called the writer, Andrew Lobel, and got the clean, original draft, then reworked it to fit who I am today, keeping a lot of the same themes and storylines. And one of the biggest ones that carried over was something innately in the project that, sadly, is still a topic of discussion today.”

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