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The head of Sheikh Agriculture calls on the government to come up with a clear plan to promote Egyptian cotton cultivation


Engineer Abdul Salam Al-Jabali, Chairman of the Senate Agriculture and Irrigation Committee, said that the study submitted by Representative Muhammad Al-Sibai regarding the cotton crop was one of the most important files in the Agriculture and Irrigation Committee and it took a long time to discuss all its axes. This is due to the importance of this crop, which is historically linked to the Egyptians, where we  We used to cultivate about 2 million acres in the past, and it represented the most important economic resource for Egyptians as the main crop for the Egyptian farmer.  It was also the most important supplier of foreign currency for the state.


This came during his speech at the plenary session of the Senate today, Tuesday, headed by Counselor Abdel-Wahab Abdel-Razek, Speaker of the Senate, to discuss the report of the joint committee. From the Agriculture and Irrigation Committee and the Office of the Financial, Economic and Investment Affairs Committee about the study submitted by Representative Mohamed Al-Sibai regarding Egyptian cotton cultivation… Challenges and incentives to improve the investment climate "


Al-Gabali added: Unfortunately, the previous years witnessed a significant decline in cotton cultivation, as the area of ​​its cultivation declined to 200 thousand acres after it was 2 million acres, as its cultivation was replaced by the cultivation of other crops, which required searching for the reason, especially since the cotton crop had many benefits and provided Job opportunities as well.

The Chairman of the Senate Agriculture and Irrigation Committee continued, to the credit of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, that he was aware of this important file, and dealt with it in the correct way, which is to start marketing before planting, because the farmer was asking himself " Where is the cotton grown?

Al-Jabali added: The President directed the establishment of the largest spinning factory in the world, and we actually made a field visit to it in person, and we see that it has no equal in the world, as it is built on an area of ​​62 thousand meters, which is an important step and the correct beginning for the advancement of cotton cultivation.

He continued, “Success begins from here, providing marketing before planting, which indicates good results, pointing to the importance of the crop in that it is labor-intensive, which provides Job opportunities, as various industries are based on, such as oils, fodder, spinning, clothing, etc.

He continued: It is not permissible for our number to be 100 million people, and we import clothes from abroad. There must be a clear plan with numbers to achieve self-sufficiency in clothes.

Al-Jabali asked the government to quickly react to the presented study and prepare an integrated plan to respond to it, explaining in numbers how to advance this file and restore historical leadership in the cotton crop and the textile industry.

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