The return of the national rowing team after the end of its participation in the World Rowing Cup

Yesterday, the Egyptian rowing team returned, after participating in the first trial tournament in Italy as part of the preparations for the 2024 French Olympics, followed by a team camp and then participating in the World Cup in Varese, Italy, in contact with the European and world champions  


The head of the mission, Captain Hassan Amira, a member of the Board of Directors of the Egyptian Rowing Federation, the technical director of the national rowing team, Engineer Mohamed Taha, the coach Mohamed Gomaa, and Mr. Magdy Afifi, the team’s administrator, led the mission.


This is considered the first international contact in a while, as part of the preparations for the upcoming Olympics.


The technical staff officials expressed their satisfaction with the performance and time numbers achieved. The players achieved it. 


Ghada Nada achieved first place in the Final C final in the women’s singles race, and came ahead of countries including Finland and Sweden.


   The two players, Ahmed Khaled Tito and Muhammad Alaa Qouta, competed strongly in the double sculls race, and it is considered their first participation at the European and international level together. 


The performance and numbers were distinguished by their This is unprecedented for a lightweight boat, which highlights the team’s progress and outstanding level.


As for the player Abdul Khaleq Al-Banna, the performance and numbers he achieved are considered  encouraging in his first international participation this year. General.  According to the established training plan, Abdel Khaleq Al-Banna is expected to reach his peak level in the next Olympics in France.


As for the participation of the player Omar Hossam El-Din under the age of 23 years, It may be considered a promising start for this young 19-year-old player in his future career, and reflects the interest in developing talented youth in the sport of rowing.


It is worth noting that the Egyptian team has achieved its goal of participation, which is Competing strongly with the European and World Champions with the aim of interacting, exchanging experiences, and developing the technical level in preparation for the upcoming tournaments and in preparation for participation in the upcoming Olympic Games in France. 


Dr. Amr has continued Al-Nouri, head of the federation, with the head of the delegation and the technical and administrative director throughout the period to check on the delegation and the players and their level. 


We wish the national rowing team success, success and lasting development.

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