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"Federal National" Discusses politics "Federal tax" Next Wednesday

Abu Dhabi, April 17 / WAM / Next Wednesday, April 24, 2024, the Federal National Council will hold its ninth session of the first regular session of the eighteenth legislative term, headed by His Excellency Saqr Ghobash, Chairman of the Council, during which it will discuss the subject of the Federal Tax Authority’s policy regarding… Applying value-added tax and excise tax, and directs four questions to government representatives.

According to the agenda of the session, which will be held in Zayed Hall at the Council’s headquarters in Abu Dhabi, members will ask four questions to His Excellency Mohammed bin Hadi Al Husseini, Minister of State for Financial Affairs, where His Excellency Najla Ali Al Shamsi will ask a question about “the refusal of insurance companies to cover some industrial and commercial establishments.” His Excellency Dr. Adnan Hamad Al Hammadi asked three questions about “long-term real estate loans,” “health insurance for citizens,” and “insurance companies through websites.”

The Council will also review a letter issued to the government regarding a request for approval to discuss the topic of the Ministry of Justice’s policy regarding the Judicial Training Institute, and it will review the letters received to the Council regarding the Council of Ministers’ decision to approve the discussion of the government’s policy in several areas, including strengthening the knowledge-based economy and raising the efficiency of workers in the sector. Government, managing and sustaining endowments and zakat funds, enhancing their societal role, enhancing citizens’ participation in the educational sector, technical education and vocational training, achieving national security for the pharmaceutical industries and medical supplies, and strengthening the role of government media to root content and consolidate national identity.

The Council will also discuss the reports received from the committees on the recommendations of the government’s policy regarding standards and programs for granting marriage and rehabilitation programs for those about to marry, and regarding food safety, and will approve the minutes of its eighth session held on March 27.

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