Wall Street Journal: Plan "Representatives" American to provide aid to Ukraine and Israel is on the verge of collapse


The American newspaper (Wall Street Journal) reported on Wednesday that US House Speaker Mike Johnson’s plan to provide aid to Ukraine and Israel is on the verge of collapse; Amid the rebellion of members of his Republican Party and the demands of conservatives for border conditions in exchange for their support, while Democrats developed an alternative plan for that aid.

The American newspaper explained on its website that Johnson met with Republicans until late Tuesday night, trying to develop a way to move forward with the legislation. The talks continued until this morning in an attempt to publish the final text of the proposal, give members 72 hours to read it and then hold a vote by the end of this week, but this goal seemed to be fading. She pointed out that Republicans remained divided over the plan of the Speaker of the US House of Representatives to send aid to US allies, which includes four draft laws and adds additional measures such as benefiting from Russia’s assets to finance aid to Kiev, but the plan did not include any political provisions for immigration or funds to secure the US-Mexican border, which is A long-standing demand of many conservatives; This would be a handicap for Johnson at a time when his political powers – always limited by a narrow majority in the House and the frequent need to rely on Democratic votes to pass major legislation – were at their lowest ebb.  According to the Wall Street Journal, Johnson was planning to present his approach to foreign aid, months after the Senate approved a $95 billion measure raising money for Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan, and humanitarian efforts, but the current turmoil among Republicans in the House of Representatives is likely to lead to more… From delaying funds to US allies. 

The American newspaper added that approving military aid to Kiev represents a risky bet for Johnson and his political fate, as the right wing had previously threatened to seek to isolate him if the US House of Representatives approved the promised military aid to Kiev. Ukraine’s frustration has increased in recent months due to the US Congress’ delay in approving this aid package.  

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