Before the start of the World League, learn about the global rankings of the karate national team players

The World League “Premier League” competitions begin on Friday morning. For adults, it is scheduled to be held during the period from April 19 to 21, in the indoor hall of the hall complex at Cairo International Stadium. The tournament witnesses unforgettable confrontations, according to the International Federation’s description.


Egyptian karate is participating in the tournament with 26 male and female players  

Among the best players on the planet. World level.

The global rankings for Egyptian players are as follows:-

At the men’s competition level, Abdullah Mamdouh leads the world rankings for the 75 kg weight category with 7140 points, and his Egyptian teammate Abdullah Hisham comes in at In 18th place with a score of 2267.50 points, Youssef Farag, our national team player, also comes in 31st place for the same weight with a score of 1452.50.

In the 84 kg weight, our national team player Youssef Badawi leads the world rankings with 6825 points. 

As for the weight category above 84 kg, Taha Tariq leads the world rankings with 6090 points, and his colleague in our national team Ahmed Al-Masry comes in 25th place with 1477.50 points, while Hazem Mohamed occupies 40th place with 1000 points, and Mahmoud Galal 61st place with 705 points.

In the 60 kg weight, Omar Alaa occupies 11th place with 2,350 points.

As for the 67 kg weight, our player Ali Al-Sawy occupies 18th place with 2,025 points.

As for the women’s competitions, our national team player Reem Salama occupies second place in the world classification for the 50 kg weight category with 5580 points, and her colleague Janna Ali comes in 18th place with 1762.50 points.


And in In the 55 kg weight, our national team player Ahlam Youssef occupies third place in the world rankings with 3600 points, and her colleague Mirna Attia comes in 51st place with 926.25 points.


As for the 61 kg weight, she occupies Norseen Muhammad is in tenth place with 2975 points, and her colleague Dahab Ali is in 17th place with 1997.50 points.

In the 68 kg weight, Ola Al Madani is in 29th place with 1402.50 points, followed by Olympic champion Feryal Ashraf, returning after an absence, in 30th place. With 1395 points, while Mayar Zein El Abidine occupies 45th place with 992.50 points, while Hadir Hindi occupies 61st place with 772.50 points.

Mena Shaaban, our national team player, occupies fourth place in the world classification for the weight category over 68 kg with 4260 points. While her colleague Habiba Helmy comes in 25th place with 1482.50 points


In the women’s kata competitions, Aya Hisham occupies 14th place in the world rankings with 2070 points, and Jana Khamis comes in first place. 40 with 1120 points, Asmaa Allam is in 55th place with 787.50 points, and Maryam El-Ezaby is in 91st place with 475 points.

It is worth noting that our team participated in an international camp in Sharm El-Sheikh from April 11 to April 17 of this year. The camp included the teams of Turkey, Croatia, Russia and the United States of America.

About 381 male and female players representing 59 countries are participating in the tournament.

The importance of the World League round in Cairo lies in it being the key to determining the winners. In the World League competitions before the end of the season in the final round in Casablanca.

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