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Contractors submit bids for development of KOC’s EPF-18

Later, Kuwait Oil Company awarded the contract for the flow lines to the Heavy Engineering and Shipbuilding Industries Company (Hesco). This $84.3 million project includes the development of flow lines and associated infrastructure for exploration and Jurassic wells in Kuwait. The scope of work for the flowlines project includes laying of a crude oil pipeline, installation of flowlines for effluent disposal using reinforced thermoplastic pipes, construction of injection and production wells, extension of existing headers/manifolds, and pipeline connection works. It is worth noting that the main contract was tendered in the first quarter of 2023, with a deadline for submission of July 9, 2023.

Lines, the pivotal components in oil and gas fields, connect individual wellheads to manifolds or processing equipment. They facilitate the transfer of flow from the manifold to pre-treatment stages or transfer facilities. Since 2020, KOC has proposed various flowline projects, ranging in value, with many under $100 million, while some of the larger contracts are approaching approximately $250 million. These initiatives confirm Kuwait’s ongoing efforts to enhance oil and gas infrastructure and improve production capabilities.

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