Cyberattacks, phishing, cyberterrorism… The other war between Israel and Iran

Cairo: Hani Kamal El-Din


This is another war that Iran and its allies are waging against Israel: cyberwar with computer attacks that target government organizations, hospitals, and the army. A nuclear research center was even targeted. Since the start of the war against Hamas in October 2023, Israel has suffered 800 attacks of this type, which is three times more than the previous year over the same period.

Disinformation and intelligence are the two priorities for Iran and its allies. In launching these computer attacks, Chuck Freilich, a researcher at Tel Aviv University, has studied the methods of Iranian hackers since the beginning of the war. “They trap Israeli soldiers on dating sites with profiles of pretty women who approach them, he mentions for example. It’s phishing. It allows Iran or Hamas to take control of their computers.”

In recent years, Iran has invested heavily in the digital field to reach the enemy. “They direct a very large proportion of young people to university and the army towards computer studies and cyber units. This is very worrying for the future,” continues the researcher.

But on the other hand, the Israeli state is also providing the means. “We are currently developing the ‘cyberdome’. Like the iron dome which intercepts missiles, it neutralizes cyberattacks,” explains Aviram Atzaba, responsible for international cooperation at Israel’s National Cybersecurity Directorate, the agency which records all cyberattacks in the country.

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