platform "Photovoltaic energy market"We succeeded in collecting 2,025 pledges from relevant companies at the World Future Energy Summit

From: Al-Yazia Al-Kaabi.

Abu Dhabi, April 18 / WAM / LK Verma, founder of the “Digital Market for Photovoltaic Energy” platform, said that the World Future Energy Summit 2024 constituted a qualitative shift in the digital market by collecting about 2025 pledges from various companies participating in the summit that are specialized in supporting the photovoltaic energy market and manufacturers of components. Solar energy in the first two days of the summit.

He added, in statements to the Emirates News Agency, WAM, on the sidelines of the closing day of the summit, which was held over three days in Abu Dhabi, that the platform succeeded in listing shares worth more than $28 million, explaining that as of this month, the platform will allow investors from the Middle East to benefit. of the listed stocks, while it will be available to Africa during the next month and then to Europe in June.

The founder of the “Photovoltaic Energy Market” platform said: “We always emphasize the UAE’s leadership in the clean energy industry, especially in solar energy, and we see that most countries are following in the UAE’s footsteps as it is a role model in these vital sectors.”

Regarding participation in the World Future Energy Summit 2024, Verma said: “We are very happy to participate in this global summit, as we have seen over the past three days the extent of the summit’s success in developing clean and renewable industries in the region, not only for us, but for all our other colleagues.”

Verma explained that the platform, which has its regional office headquartered in Masdar City, Abu Abu Dhabi, said that the digital market allows buyers and sellers to carry out various operations, including buying, selling and bidding, on this platform, with the aim of supporting the supply chain of photovoltaic industries and bringing players and stakeholders together on one page.

LK Verma said: “The growth journey of photovoltaic energy lasted about five years, and its capacity increased nearly ten times compared to the past five years, due to the vision of the wise leadership of the UAE to accelerate the pace of this vital sector and achieve ambitious visions.”

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