"DB World" The first in the world to disclose the impact of sustainable development in the countries in which it operates

Dubai, April 18, 2017 – DP World, the DP World group, published the “Sustainable Development Impact Disclosure” report, becoming the first company in the world to adopt and disclose its impact related to sustainable development in the countries in which it operates, in accordance with “Sustainable Development Impact Disclosure” guidelines. “Impact Disclosure Related to Sustainable Development” recently issued by the relevant working group.
DP World Group called on participants and workers in the sector to share their observations and opinions during a four-month public consultation period, from April 18 to September 1, to form and improve the guidance report.
The disclosure will be a basis for private sector companies and sovereign entities to explain how they are implementing transformation through large-scale infrastructure development in emerging markets and developing economies.
Sultan Ahmed bin Sulayem, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of DP World Group, said: We are proud to be the first company in the world to disclose the impact of sustainable development in the countries in which we operate, and this reflects our efforts to enhance our capabilities through infrastructure development. The role of this disclosure is not only limited to highlighting our commitment to sustainable development, but it also paves the way for adopting a comprehensive system of transparency and accountability at the sector level. It is a call to action and a proactive step to advance the development of sustainable infrastructure on a global scale.
The Sustainable Development Impact Disclosure has been developed in line with the guidance of the Sustainable Development Impact Disclosure Task Force led by the Development Finance Institute at JP Morgan and the Natixis Foundation.
The report deals with measuring and monitoring impact with the aim of assessing the impact of investments in advancing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and bridging the gaps in the current development process. This framework also works to enhance transparency and accountability, as well as achieving effective commitment to sustainable development, while enabling global capital markets to make decisions. Informed financing based on disclosed information from reliable sources.
A five-step process was identified to measure the impacts of business strategies or national development plans by following best practices and leveraging existing resources.
“Disclosing the impact of sustainable development” is characterized by its application at the entity level, its targeting of achieving impact, as well as its outlook to the future and its focus on specific contexts.
Arslan Mehtavar, Co-Chair of the Impact Disclosure Team and Head of the Development Finance Corporation at JP Morgan, said: “By disclosing its sustainable development impact, DP World demonstrates its intention to manage its business to achieve financial returns and development impact, and we applaud the efforts of DB World.” And its commitment to promoting sustainable and inclusive economic growth wherever it is needed to achieve our global goals.
For his part, Cedric Merle, co-chair of the impact disclosure team and head of the Center of Expertise and Innovation at the Green and Sustainable Center for Corporate and Investment Banking at Natixis, said that Natixis is cooperating with DP World and JPMorgan in the first disclosure of the impact of sustainable development. The Sustainable Development Impact Disclosure Guidelines will provide us with a useful tool to ensure we provide the information necessary to meet needs and set expectations related to the Sustainable Development Goals to investors and lenders, and we hope that others will follow DB World’s lead in disclosing not only their commitments, but their actions. Aiming to promote sustainable development in emerging markets as well.

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