The inflation rate in Austria remained stable at 4.1 percent

Vienna, April 18 / WAM / The latest official figures, issued by the Austrian Statistics Authority, showed that the rise in the inflation rate in Austria stopped at the level of 4.1% last March, and inflation continued at the same rate recorded last February, in light of the efforts made by the government to push Producers and traders to refrain from increasing prices.

Tobias Thomas, Director General of the Statistics Authority, explained that Austria is currently witnessing smaller increases in the prices of foodstuffs and the catering services sector compared to previous months. He pointed to the decline in the impact of electricity and fuel prices on the increase in the inflation rate, and explained that the impact of the two sectors on the increase in prices has become moderate.

According to the statement issued by the Statistics Authority, overall price inflation has declined significantly in recent months, especially in the food sector, which has witnessed increases in food prices decline sharply recently and cited a rise in food prices of 2.9% last March, 1.2% lower than The general inflation rate, compared to last year, in which the prices of most goods and foodstuffs rose much more.

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