On the third day of Trump’s trial, 12 jurors were assembled

Cairo: Hani Kamal El-Din


On the third full day of Donald Trump’s trial in New York, 12 members of the jury were selected. The two previously selected asked to be relieved of their duties on Thursday.

By the end of the day on Thursday, seven more had been found, including replacements for the two excused jurors and one alternate juror, reports BBC.

There are still five spare jurors to be selected in case someone from the main jury is forced to withdraw from the trial.

Court hearings in the case began on Monday and are held four days a week.

Earlier on Thursday, one of the already selected jurors said she no longer believed that the fact of her participation in the trial could be kept secret. According to her, her friends and relatives have already found out about this.

The judge addressed the media, asking them to limit the publication of personal information about the jurors.

The work of prosecutors, lawyers, and judges will be very difficult. They were forced to disqualify dozens of potential jurors, all of whom said they could not remain impartial in the case.

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