Palestinian Medical Relief: Al-Shifa Medical Complex in the Gaza Strip turned into a mass grave

Dr. Ayed Yaghi, Director of the Palestinian Medical Relief Society in Gaza and Coordinator of the Health Sector in the Palestinian NGO Network, confirmed that Al-Shifa Medical Complex has completely gone out of service and has transformed from the largest complex and hospital providing medical services to patients in the Gaza Strip into a mass grave and a center for the spread of epidemics. There is now a possibility to restart it.


Dr. Yaghi said – in an intervention to (Nile News) channel – “Field medical teams have been provided to reach patients and provide them with the necessary treatment.” Especially in the northern Gaza area in Jabalia Camp and Gaza City, in addition to setting up medical teams and points in the shelter centers in Deir al-Balah and Rafah, but the medical teams are exposed to severe danger and constant bombing by the occupation forces.

He added that the situation is now in Gaza is extremely catastrophic after about 200 days of Israeli aggression on the Strip, where the number of martyrs reached about 34 thousand martyrs and more than 76 thousand injured, and the majority of hospitals are not working, and there are only 10 hospitals that are partially operating in addition to the lack of electricity and the constant shortage of medicines and medical supplies. And the continuous attacks on medical teams and ambulances.

He pointed to the large spread of intestinal and respiratory diseases and the spread of malnutrition diseases, especially among children under the age of 5 years in the northern Gaza areas, which led to the death of dozens of children… stressing " This is the situation now and the real humanitarian reality in the Gaza Strip in light of the silence of the international community and the continuation of the Israeli aggression against the Strip from October 7th until today.

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