Prize winners "Zayed Sustainability" For"Wham"The award enhances the process of sustainable development and supports the goals of global climate action

ABU DHABI, April 18, 2017 (WAM) – Winners of the Zayed Sustainability Award confirmed that the award is a tribute from the UAE to small and medium enterprises and non-profit organizations in recognition of their efforts and innovative solutions in supporting sustainability, advancing comprehensive sustainable development, and promoting global climate action for a sustainable future for all.

In statements to the Emirates News Agency, WAM, on the sidelines of the World Future Energy Summit held in Abu Dhabi, the winners said that the award enhances efforts to progress towards sustainable development and service to humanity, and empowers innovators, entrepreneurs and young people and motivates them to make a positive difference in the lives of millions of people around the world by Implementing sustainable solutions that possess the elements of influence, innovation and inspiring ideas.

They pointed out that the award consolidates the legacy of the founding father, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, “may God rest his soul,” and his efforts in the fields of humanitarian work and achieving sustainability, pointing out that the award enabled them to provide more innovative solutions in the field of sustainability and expand the scope of their positive impact around the world.

For her part, Carol Slutwig, co-founder of Kelp Blue and winner of the award last year, said that over the past fifteen years, the Zayed Sustainability Award has played a pivotal role in highlighting companies that not only aim to succeed commercially but also strive to make a positive impact. Big on the environment.

She added that the award reflects the UAE’s commitment to sustainable development, in addition to achieving the vision of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may God rest his soul, in supporting humanitarian work and sustainability, noting that Kelp Blue is at the forefront of sustainable innovation, and is dedicated to growing giant sea grass. It is a type of brown seaweed that is a source of strength for the ecosystem.

She pointed out that participation in the Zayed Sustainability Award was a pivotal stage in the company’s journey after obtaining the necessary financial support to expand the scope of its operations and introduce its sustainable products to more markets, noting that the company’s story is evidence of the power of sustainable business practices and the global impact that initiatives can have. The same vision as the Zayed Sustainability Prize.

She said that as more companies and individuals move towards sustainable solutions, the legacy of Sheikh Zayed and the UAE’s continued efforts to promote these principles stand as a beacon for progressive change and hope for a better and more sustainable future.

Carroll stated that KelpBlue’s impact extends beyond environmental benefits in light of its commitment to being environmentally friendly by using environmental DNA to track increases in marine life, measure carbon sequestration, and create job opportunities in local communities, thus ensuring that its operations Contribute positively and friendly to the environment and society.

For his part, Mansour Hamyoun, co-founder and CEO of Bbox, said that winning the Zayed Sustainability Award marked a milestone in the company’s journey, after the award strengthened our presence and credibility globally and helped us expand the scope of our influence.

He added that the award supported the company’s efforts in Togo to connect more than 100,000 homes to clean solar energy. This enabled families to obtain a safe and reliable source of electricity, allowing their children to study after dark and benefit from opportunities to generate additional income.

He pointed out that winning the award reflects their contribution to supporting sustainability globally, and helps them build vital partnerships that contribute to advancing their business in a way that enhances their ability to provide effective and sustainable energy solutions in Africa, noting that “Bbox” addresses the important challenge of access to energy in Areas suffering from electricity shortages in Africa.

Hamyoun explained that the company is working to solve this problem by providing a set of solar-powered solutions that provide clean, reliable energy at affordable prices to the communities that need it most. He pointed out that B-Box is looking forward to deepening and expanding the scope of its influence in the future and is working to explore expansion opportunities in New countries and enhancing its presence in the markets in which we currently operate, in addition to improving the lives of communities through diversifying the products and services provided.

For her part, Angela Homsey, co-founder of Ignite Power, said: “The Zayed Sustainability Prize has had a significant and far-reaching impact that has not only highlighted the needs and solutions related to the sustainable future of the Global South, but has also directly enabled us to connect more than 80 schools in rural areas with solar energy and the Internet using our advanced systems, positively impacting thousands of students, teachers and surrounding communities.

She added that winning the award was a global recognition of our innovative vision that aims to build the next generation of clean infrastructure services and make them available to everyone. The award also opened up a world of cooperation opportunities for us with new partners and supporters to continue our quest towards a more sustainable and resilient future for all.

She stated that “Ignite” is a technology platform specialized in developing and deploying distributed and renewable infrastructure solutions in countries of the Global South, and said: “Our mission is to expand the scope of solutions that contribute to building a sustainable and secure world characterized by flexibility and inclusiveness, and our innovative solutions, along with our flexible business model, have contributed to changing… “The lives of three million people are for the better, and we look forward to reaching 100 million people in the global south.”

Homsi added: “We aim to set a clear and urgent path to provide one billion people with sustainable growth opportunities in order to effectively impact economic development and contribute to confronting climate change. As part of our focus on strengthening and expanding our operations and establishing our global presence, this year we increased our reach.” “Tripling by strengthening our global partnerships with the public and private sectors and adding five more countries to our operations.”

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