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We publish the agenda for next week’s House of Representatives session

The House of Representatives next discuss the draft law submitted by the government issuing the unified insurance law.

The draft law&nb aims sp;to organize  Specific and comprehensive rules for the insurance industry in Egypt, combining the organization’s rules into one law, to become the insurance market. Egyptian for the first time unified law  It is comprehensive and includes mechanisms for supervision and control over the practice of insurance activity, whatever form the activity takes, ensuring the achievement of  sustainable development and toward  Implementing a strategy of insurance inclusion to reach citizens who do not receive insurance services, as well as issuing bundled insurance from nbsp;Natural hazards such as earthquakes floods and torrents  And others.

As the presentation statement of the Minister of on the project general  of for fiscal 2024/2025.

p>< p>The sessions also present a statement  Minister of Planning and economic on project economic&social development plan  bsp;For the year 2024/2025. 

The Council has been discussing since : international agreements are:

1- Resolution President of the Republic No.50 of 2024 concerning approval  nbsp;on amendment&nbsp The Eighth Agreement on Agricultural Business for Rural Development and Increasing Incomes between the Government of the Arab Republic of Egypt and the American Agency for International Development.

2- Decision  President of the Republic No. 54 of 2024 regarding approving the grant agreement provided by the International Bank to improve the management of… Electronic waste and health care waste to reduce emissions. Persistent &organic pollutants that are not approved by the Government of the Arab Republic of Egypt and the World Bank.

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