Urgent| "Salah Al-Saadani"..Ahlawy is solid and famous for playing the role of the mayor in the drama

The artistic community lost the great star Salah Al-Saadani, who passed away today, Friday, at the age of 81, leaving an artistic legacy in cinema and drama.



The Birth of the Mayor of Egyptian Drama


The artist Salah Al-Saadani was born on October 23, 1943. He obtained a Bachelor’s degree in agriculture. He is of rural origins, specifically from Menoufia Governorate. He is also the brother of the satirical journalist Mahmoud Al-Saadani. 


He entered the artistic field with his star classmate Adel Imam, and they acted together in the college theatre, then worked in many films and series. .

The most important works of Salah Al-Saadani

Among the most important works of the mayor of Egyptian drama, In the drama series: Land of Men, The Victim, The Departure, The Harvest of Evil, Al-Sakia, Khan Al-Khalili, Sons of Thirst, Arabesque, Papers Egyptian, Years of Love and Misery, Southern Dream, Bridge of Danger, The Epic of Love and Departure, Nights of Helmiya Five Parts, My Dear Children Thank You, The Husband is the First to Know, Between the Two Palaces, Palace of Longing, Friends, A Man in the Age of Globalization, People in Kafr Askar, Naqbat Nizam , Al-Zafarani neighborhood, wealth has other accounts, except the day, the midnight train, the esoteric, brothers are enemies, minors.


And in the theater he starred in: Al-Nasser Salah al-Din, Revolution of the Dead, The king is the king, the cactus flower. As for cinema, he participated in many cinematic works, most notably the films: Night and Traitors, Karakib, A Wife Without a Man, The Earth, Demons of the Night, The Bullet Is Still in My Pocket, A Song on the Passage, Love and the Price, Suzy the Love Seller, Behind the University Walls, The Curse of Time. , The Tannery Tower, The Last Confession, The Ogre, The Ferryman, No Marriage Is Better, Such Are The Days, An Apartment In The Center Of The Town, The Sad Night Bird, Beware We Are Crazy, Reckoning, O Mademoiselle, Your Wisdom, O Lord, The Wretched, The Case Of Uncle Ahmed, A File On Etiquette, Today Sixth, Fawzia the bourgeoisie, the bully of poor people, they kill honorable people, deviation, the time of Hatem Zahran, the tyranny of a woman, the Piper, due to insufficient evidence, employees on the ground, children of assets, the giant, night and traitors, the path of terror, below zero, girls in trouble, Shahatin and nobles, why, oh world, and small dreams.

The great star Salah Al-Saadani received many titles from his fans, and perhaps the most prominent title is the title of “Mayor of Drama,” given what he presented throughout his artistic career at the level of cinema and drama. Wherethe late star is considered the most accomplished artist in embodying the role of “The Mayor.” On television, with his brilliance in the series “Layali Al-Helmeya” As “Mayor Suleiman Ghanem” Throughout the series.

Although he stood in front of many acting giants, his performance was distinguished by his wit and unique artistic characteristics that distinguished him from many of his generation, as he excelled in melodramatic and tragic roles with the same efficiency. His performance of the comedic roles in which he excelled and became famous.


 Salah Al-Saadani Al-Ahly


It is noteworthy that the late star Salah Al-Saadani repeatedly confessed his love and passion for Al-Ahly club and followed the path of his son, the artist Ahmed Salah Al-Saadani, as he is considered Al-Saadani is one of the most famous artists who announced his affiliation with Al-Ahly Club, as he is one of the fanatics of the Red Castle

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