Kit Harington Says He’s Excited To Take On Dirtbag Role In ‘Blood For Dust’ Film

Jon Snow may know nothing, as the famous line from Game of Thrones goes. But the actor who played him, Kit Harington, knows he is happy to step outside the hero role and flex another side of his acting chops.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the actor expressed delight at taking on a different sort of character in the neo-WesternBlood for Dust.

Harington plays Ricky, a drugs and arms dealer, who works for a cartel.

“I rarely get the opportunity to play the Rickys of this world, the antagonistic dirtbag types, and I was excited to be presented with that opposite an actor like Scoot,” Harington said.

Harington adopts a mustache and American accent in the film. It’s all part of his plan to expand his range. While Harington won the role of Black Knight in Eternalsbacklash makes it unlikely that he will reprise the character in future projects.

Instead, he has found what he is looking for in Blood for Dust.

“That is seemingly what I’ve been hunting a bit,” Harington said. “If I look at the roles I’ve taken since playing an out-and-out hero in Game of ThronesI have to admit there seems to be some sort of pushback about playing a hero. I’m not so interested in heroic roles, and if I am, they have to be pretty anti-hero-ish.”

Playing a hero is hard, Harington admits.

“[Playing] a guy who is doing all the right things and is driven by being good, it’s harder to do that. And I think people who do it successfully, who play classically heroic roles, are very talented actors. But at the moment, I just find it more interesting looking for the f—ed-up people.”

Blood for Dust opens in theaters on April 19.

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