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Where does Cyril Féraud live? The host has a very famous neighbor in his building

Cyril Féraud has been the darling of France Télévisions for several years now. The 39-year-old host will present the “Champions Quiz” this Saturday. But do you know where he lives? We tell you everything!

This Saturday April 20, 2024, Cyril Féraud will host the famous Champions Quizthe ultimate competition between the biggest game show winners, facing The Voice on TF1. For the occasion, ten of the greatest TV champions will compete in a relaxed atmosphere specific to this game.

Where does Cyril Féraud live? Certainly not in the capital!

No wonder Cyril Féraud was once again asked to present the show. It must be said that at the age of 39, the presenter with a twenty-year career under his belt (already!) has more than one string to his bow. At the helm of Nobody had thought of that!, Slam And The treasure maphe also hosts major special evenings on the France Télévisions channels.

An entertainer adored by the French – especially old ladies who see him as an ideal son-in-law – he nonetheless remains simple and discreet. Moreover, it is not in the capital, like many other show business personalities, that the future forty-year-old has decided to settle down. According to newspaper information Release, who painted a beautiful portrait of him in 2020, Cyril Féraud lives in Issy-les-Moulineaux (Hauts-de-Seine). And he would even be very well surrounded…

Who is Cyril Féraud’s famous neighbor?

The one who has become in just a few years the leading face of France 3 would indeed have a very popular neighbor, and well known to fans of sports on the small screen. Indeed, last December, when he was invited on the set of It starts todayFaustine Bollaert’s daily show, Cyril Féraud revealed that he lived in the same building as his sidekick and friend, also present on the set that day, Laurent Luyat.

“With Laurent Luyat, we know each other very well since he is a bit like my brother, my brother at heart for more than ten years,” he first revealed with a smile on his lips. “We live in the same building, so not together, not on the same floor, but he’s like a brother”, he added. And Cyril Féraud, always secret about his sexuality and his intimate life, ironically: “He receives my packages when I’m filming, he’s really my brother at heart, he’s part of the family”. Sayings as touching as they are amusing, confirmed by Laurent Luyat immediately: “And then, we confide everything in each other. He gives me advice, he checks everything, how I’m dressed”. A beautiful story of friendship that endures!

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