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Representative Ahmed Abdel Gawad: The state’s follow-up of the initiative to lower prices has had a positive impact on the market

MP Ahmed Abdel Gawad, Vice President of the Mostaqbal Watan Party and Secretary of the Organization, confirmed that the Egyptian state is making huge efforts to support the most needy groups by following up on the price reduction initiative, which has begun to have a significant impact on the prices of basic commodities in the markets, explaining that there is Real efforts by the government to implement the directives of the political leadership to support simple and incapable groups, by taking serious steps regarding the price file, which concerns all citizens, through customs releases on goods and ensuring their availability in the markets at appropriate prices, in addition to a package of economic and social decisions that ensures alleviating the burden on people. Citizen.


Abdel-Gawad added that President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi’s directives are in the interest of alleviating the burden on citizens by activating all necessary mechanisms to lower prices and control market movement, which is what It confirms the extent of President Sisi’s connection to the street, which is reflected in the government’s careful monitoring of prices in various governorates until the target of reducing prices is achieved in accordance with President Sisi’s directives, and this is in order to support Egyptian families in securing their living needs, and ensuring the availability of all strategic goods for all citizens. At low prices.


The Vice President of the Mostaqbal Watan Party indicated that the government’s announcement of a complete inventory of prices and their decrease, and careful monitoring of the markets contributed to a decrease in prices of basic commodities in the market by 27 percent. %, in light of the state’s target of the reduction rate reaching 30%, which indicates that there is seriousness in dealing with the price file in accordance with the directives of the political leadership so that the citizen feels the results of this decrease, especially strategic goods.


Abdel-Gawad explained that the Egyptian state has been able, over the past ten years, to carry out comprehensive economic reforms and develop a comprehensive strategy for sustainable development in all sectors, in addition to giving the national economy areas for diversification and growth, in order to be able through the government sector and the private sector. In addition to civil society, opening bridges with international financial institutions and obtaining new partnerships with international institutions and sovereign funds, which allows the Egyptian state to strongly support the private sector and launch it to truly be the locomotive of development.


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