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The Minister of Environment witnesses the signing ceremony of a cooperation protocol between the Environmental Affairs Agency and the Haretna Foundation


Dr. Yasmine Fouad, Minister of Environment, witnessed the signing ceremony of Dr. Ali Abu Sunna, CEO of the Environmental Affairs Agency, and Representative Ihab Zakaria Atallah, Member of the Senate, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Egyptian Haretna Foundation for Sustainable Development and General Coordinator. The National Alliance for Private Development Action in Alexandria, on the cooperation protocol between the Environmental Affairs Agency and the Foundation, based on the agency’s endeavor to preserve the environment and natural resources, exploit them well, not deplete them, and take into account the rights of future generations.


The Minister of Environment explained that the protocol stipulates  The two parties cooperated in the areas of sustainable development, and the integration of all sects of society, especially women, in the field of environmental work, through the areas of environmental awareness, climate change, biodiversity, afforestation campaigns, campaigns to clean the Nile River and beaches from single-use plastic waste, and the solid waste system.


Dr. indicated. Yasmine Fouad, Minister of Environment, said that in accordance with the terms of the protocol, the two parties will implement a set of activities such as seminars, workshops, and awareness campaigns on environmental issues with the aim of identifying developments, solutions, alternatives, and mechanisms for modifying behaviors and changing consumption patterns affecting natural resources. The protocol also includes implementing programs to raise environmental awareness and encourage Volunteering in environmental initiatives for university students, capacity building in environmental fields for training trainers. The protocol also includes the implementation of a number of initiatives and pilot projects that contribute to addressing environmental problems, and contribute to raising the standard of living through the implementation of small projects.

The protocol is committed. The institution, in accordance with the protocol, takes into account the environmental dimension in all the work it carries out, and works to integrate society with its various sects  Especially women in the field of environmental work, in addition to creating databases for volunteers and promotion  For eco-tourism and increasing green areas.

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