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Dubai Municipality launches a project "Outsourcing waste collection, transportation and recycling service in Hatta"

Dubai, May 14 / WAM / Dubai Municipality launched its strategic project in the field of sustainable waste management, “Outsourcing the waste collection, transportation and recycling service” in the Hatta region in cooperation with the “Imdaad” company, in order to enhance the goals of the “Zero Waste in Hatta” initiative, and activate the partnership with the sector. What supports the municipality’s areas of work.
The project contributes to diverting all types of waste from the landfill route, developing community services in the field of sustainable waste management in Hatta, and enhancing social responsibility among residents and visitors of Hatta in the field of environmental work, by adopting the best hygiene practices to enhance Dubai’s position as a sustainable city, and inspiring individuals and institutions to follow… Environmentally friendly options, which represents a reflection of the municipality’s efforts in integrated waste management that supports its goals of making Dubai more attractive, sustainable and quality of life.
Dubai Municipality transformed the Hatta landfill into a model transfer station for transporting waste back to treatment sites in Dubai after separating it. It extends over an area of ​​60,043 square metres, contains an administrative building, and a waste unloading station. It enhances the benefit of 20 tons of municipal solid waste produced in Hatta daily after… Diverting it from landfill, in addition to 27 tons per day of agricultural waste, which will be treated and sent to the waste-to-energy center in Warsan.
The number of housing units benefiting from the project in Hatta is 1,147 units, as Dubai Municipality distributed 2,500 new means for collecting and storing waste from containers of two different colors, one of which is green in color designated for collecting recyclable waste, and the other is for collecting non-recyclable waste in black, while it completed the development of drawings and instructions. An introduction to the two containers to facilitate the waste separation process and increase public awareness of the culture of correct waste sorting from the source.
The project to outsource waste collection, transportation and recycling services in Hatta is one of the projects and initiatives that support the objectives of the comprehensive plan for the development of Hatta, with regard to the field of sustainable waste management and achieving the maximum benefit from it.
His Excellency Dawoud Al Hajri, Director General of Dubai Municipality, confirmed that this project comes within the framework of Dubai Municipality’s strategy to work to reduce waste production from the source, and raise recycling and treatment rates to reach zero waste in Hatta and make it an environmentally friendly model city, in line with circular economy practices. Green, and the goals and axes of the Dubai Integrated Waste Management Strategy 2021-2041, which aim to encourage innovation, provide practical solutions to environmental challenges, apply best practices for waste management and recycling, and achieve 100% waste diverted from landfilling.
Al Hajri said: “Dubai Municipality adopts the implementation of strategic and integrated field and technical initiatives and projects in the field of sustainable waste management, in order to consolidate the emirate of Dubai’s global excellence in the field of sustainability and public cleanliness, through which it has maintained the title of the cleanest city in the world for the last four years in a row according to the index.” The Power of Global Cities is published by the Japanese organization Mori Memorial.
He added: “Dubai Municipality is moving forward with the modernization of all government services that touch the community’s attention in line with the aspirations and directions of the wise leadership. It is also keen to employ best practices in environmentally friendly community projects, with the aim of improving the quality of life in the Emirate of Dubai, and enhancing the health and safety of the local community.” “And maintaining the highest levels of sustainability and attractiveness in the best city to live and work in the world.”
Dubai Municipality, through a contract with Imdaad Company, allocated an integrated field work team equipped with all the necessary equipment, vehicles and mechanisms to collect, store and transport waste on a regular daily basis from all parts of Hatta, consisting of 75 cleaners, 12 supervisors, drivers and vehicle operators, in addition to an automated fleet. Of 20 vehicles and machinery, to ensure the follow-up of public hygiene tasks in the city during 12 hours of field work daily, in addition to allocating mini-units to collect recyclable materials from the centers and shops there.
Dubai Municipality strengthened its field and media awareness efforts before and during the implementation of the project, by organizing direct awareness programs for more than 900 families in Hatta, and others for workers in 300 farms and estates, and 20 educational institutions.
On the other hand, “Imdaad” implemented the “My Environment” program to raise awareness among school students with the aim of promoting the dissemination of the culture of recycling, separating waste from the source, and preserving the environment. It also implemented the “Environment Month Competition” with the participation of many official and private bodies, most notably the Hatta Sports Club.
As part of the project’s objectives, “Imdaad” Company, in cooperation with Dubai Municipality, will implement an awareness program of field visits to the company’s “sorting” factory in the Jebel Ali region, for students aged 7 years and above.
It is noteworthy that Dubai Municipality adopted the implementation of a project to outsource the “collection, transportation and recycling of waste” service since 2012 under the name “My Environment City” in 16 sub-regions within the emirate, which included; Jumeirah (1, 2, 3), Al Safa (1, 2), Umm Suqeim (1, 2, 3), Al Manara, Umm Al Sheif, Al Barsha (2, 3), Al Mizhar (1, 2), Al Muhaisnah 1, and Nad Al Hamar .
The number of housing units benefiting from the project reached more than 18,000 housing units, and the number of waste storage facilities added by the municipality in these areas reached 36,400 waste storage facilities (containers), in addition to the use of 65 multi-classification mechanisms and 300 field workers.

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