‘Agatha All Along’ Stars Kathryn Hahn, Joe Locke & Patti LuPone Tease Disney+ Series: “It Looks Like A 100 Million Dollar Movie”

It’s been Agatha All Alongand Disney+ series stars Kathryn Hahn, Joe Locke, and Patti LuPone are teasing the WandaVision spinoff.

The trio attended Disney’s upfront presentation to advertisers on Thursday and teased what viewers can expect when the show premieres on September 18.

“We can say that the coven is strong,” Hahn told Deadline. “We can say that it is hilarious, and deep. And I was moved to work with all these people every day. It was a gratuitous dream that it happened to be this group to go through that together.”

LuPone chimed in, saying, “And it’s a musical!”

Hahn also gave accolades to Jac Schaeffer, who created the series, as it was important to them for there “to be minimal CGI.”

“There is very little that is not practical magic, which is our magic,” Hahn added. “That was very thrilling. [The] sets were incredible and it was like a practical… it just felt delicious. It was a very immersive experience.”

LuPone noted that “the production design and the set dressers, and the lighting, and the costumes, everything about it, it appeared to all of us when we saw it, that everybody on the creative end were at the top of their game.” She said that when they first saw Witches Road she “burst into tears” when they got on the set adding, “It’s gorgeous to look at on top of it being a fantastic story. It looks like a 100 million dollar movie.”

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