Director General of Gaza Hospitals: Stopping the supply of fuel to Gaza hospitals threatens to completely stop their services

The Director General of Gaza Hospitals, Muhammad Zaqout, confirmed today, Wednesday, that the situation of the European Hospital in the Gaza Strip is “exceptional.” And “dangerous,” in light of the occupation forces’ intention to place it in a state of permanent crisis because it is the only hospital that provides integrated health services in the Strip.


Zaqut explained – in an intervention to Al-Hurra channel ) American – “The European Hospital needed 3,000 liters of diesel per day, but with the closure of the Rafah crossing, this supply stopped completely,” pointing out that stopping the supply of fuel to Gaza hospitals threatens to stop their services completely.


He pointed out that the European Hospital has currently been supplied with limited quantities of fuel to restart it again, pointing out that there is great difficulty in reaching the Indonesian Hospital due to the continuous bombing.




He said, “The Charitable Hospital provides service in the northern Gaza area in addition to Al-Ahli Hospital, and Nasser Hospital in Khan Yunis is being restarted, which is operating partially at the present time.” He added that medical teams are working under the line of fire in all hospitals in the Strip in light of the heavy bombing, pointing out that there are only a few hours separating the bombing and the evacuation process.


And about Israel’s accusation. That the statistics of the Palestinian dead and wounded were incorrect, which was denied by the World Health Organization, Zaqout explained that the records issued by the Palestinian Ministry of Health and hospitals are clear and open to everyone with full transparency, and their data is accurate, as there are more than 25 thousand martyrs who have been officially registered, while the data is still accurate. There are 10,000 dead under the rubble who have not been registered yet. He stressed that the Israeli army did not prepare the field hospitals that it said it would create in the Al-Mawasi area.  

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