Paris 2024: how the Paris 2024 tickets application works, which will allow you to access and resell your tickets

Last step for future spectators of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. The organizers are launching, Wednesday May 15, the “Paris 2024 tickets” application, which will allow you to access your tickets and transfer them to other beneficiaries or even resell them.

From this date, only sessions will be available for resale. For ceremony tickets, you will have to wait until mid-June. This ticketing platform will be gradually populated by users wishing to resell their tickets. Franceinfo: sport explains how this new application works.

Whether to access your tickets, transfer them or resell them, you will first need to download the “Paris 2024 tickets” application and connect to your ticketing account. Once logged in, each user will have access, from their home page, to their list of purchased tickets.

A secure QR code will be generated as the event approaches to access the site. It will be possible to generate this QR code until the last moment. However, this is not yet active for security reasons, and in particular to prevent the circulation of counterfeit notes. This will be the only way to access each session.

Tickets will be available on the application on the day, even offline, provided that the user has connected at least once to the application with their Paris 2024 account before the Games.

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