With a production of up to 100 million cubic feet.. “ADNOC” announces the successful start of operations in the “Ras Al-Sadr” field to start gas production

Abu Dhabi, May 16 / WAM / ADNOC announced its return to work in the Ras Al Sadr field to start gas production, 75 years after the first exploratory well in Abu Dhabi was drilled on the site during the 1950s of the last century, which witnessed the establishment of the oil sector in the East. Middle.

Although the exploratory well was dry, and the beginning of commercial oil production in Abu Dhabi was from another field, Ras Al-Sadr remains the place where the oil and gas industry began in the emirate.

At present, ADNOC has succeeded, through the use of the company’s advanced technology and pioneering techniques in 3D seismic surveys, in discovering the presence of oil and gas deposits that had not been found previously during the first exploration process in the field 75 years ago.

The data resulting from the survey was analyzed through ADNOC’s “Thumama” Center of Excellence using advanced digital technologies and pioneering applications of artificial intelligence, which work to determine the locations of oil and gas resources and facilitate the process of exploration and development.

By utilizing its innovative technologies and advanced solutions, ADNOC succeeded in reaching the production stage within a period of only seven months of the exploration process, which is a record time in the oil and gas sector to complete this stage and establishes a new standard for production.

Abdul Moneim Saif Al Kindi, CEO of the Exploration, Development and Production Department at ADNOC, said: “The successful launch of operations in the Ras Al Sadr field confirms ADNOC’s commitment to setting new standards within the oil and gas sector that enhance our ongoing efforts to meet the changing requirements of global energy markets.” .

Al Kindi added, “Drilling the first exploratory well in Ras Al Sadr marked the beginning of the oil exploration phase in Abu Dhabi, which contributed to driving economic growth in the UAE over the course of more than half a century. This is an achievement that reflects our contribution to supporting the prosperity and sustainability of the country’s resources, and confirms our commitment.” “The firm is committed to working in concert with local communities to create lasting and sustainable value for the nation.”

The Ras Al-Sadr field is scheduled to produce up to 100 million standard cubic feet of gas per day, equivalent to the daily gas needs of the Kingdom of Sweden, with production increasing to reach the maximum production capacity by 2026, which supports the country’s self-sufficiency in gas. Gas contributes to meeting the growing global demand for this vital resource.

Through the development of the Ras Al-Sadr field, ADNOC is committed to reducing the environmental impact of its operations, working in harmony with the surrounding communities, supporting the national content program, and developing the skills and capabilities of Emirati cadres.

The Ras Al Sadr production site is located along the E11 highway, about 45 kilometers northeast of Abu Dhabi city. The field will produce natural gas, and crude oil will be produced from a site close to the field itself.

It is noteworthy that ADNOC is developing the field in partnership with Inpex and the Japanese Petroleum Development Company Limited (JODCO), the largest Japanese oil and gas exploration and production company, which strengthens the strategic partnership in the energy sector between the UAE and Japan.

Ras Al Sadr is the second field discovered in the concession area, confirming the attractiveness of Abu Dhabi’s world-class oil and gas resources.

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