60 billion dirhams value of deals "Edge" Since its establishment

Abu Dhabi, 29 May / WAM / EDGE – one of the world’s leading groups in the field of advanced technology and defense – continues its pioneering role in stimulating the growth of the defense industries sector in the country, as the value of its deals concluded since its establishment in 2019 has reached more than 60 billion dirhams.

The company holds large global market shares in the field of key defense technologies, while working to establish a high-tech industrial base, which in turn contributes effectively to achieving an economy based on knowledge and innovation.

EDGE is working to make a qualitative shift in the global defense industries sector through an advanced portfolio that covers several areas, and this portfolio has grown by 500% in less than 5 years.

As part of its focus on autonomous systems, smart weapons and electronic warfare, the company has succeeded in introducing 78 new products to the market, and there are 82 more products under development. The group’s well-established growth strategy, supported by intensive product development processes and thoughtful investments in advanced next-generation solutions and services, is… Next, strategic partnerships, in turn, led to the signing of export deals worth 12 billion dirhams across five continents.

According to the latest analysis of global defense markets, Edge is now one of the world’s top three suppliers of precision guided weapons, capturing a significant share of the international market.

Hamad Al Marar, Managing Director and CEO of the group, said, “Our distinguished position globally in the defense industries sector would not have been achieved without the support of the wise leadership,” noting that the leadership’s vision aimed at establishing an international center for advanced defense research and manufacturing the technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in the country, supported The company has achieved a global presence in more than 50 countries.

He stressed that the UAE has now become a major exporter of advanced defense technology, as it possesses a system of pioneers in the sector and highly competitive solutions, pointing out that “Edge” is committed to continuing to strengthen supply chains, and benefiting from its acquisition of 13 international companies specialized in the field of advanced technology over five years. continents, in addition to enhancing the skills of its workforce, which includes more than 12,000 employees, and establishing a flexible and innovative industrial base that customers can rely on.

He said, “We are proud to be a vital part of the remarkable growth witnessed by the UAE as an innovative industrial base for manufacturing and developing advanced technologies within the ‘Make in the Emirates’ framework, in addition to enhancing the contribution to stimulating the national economy.”

He pointed out that the award-winning strategy adopted by the group in the field of fourth generation technology contributes to a rapid transformation in the level of the UAE’s industrial capabilities, by enhancing efficiency using technology and autonomous processes, and supporting sustainability initiatives with digital solutions.

He stated that in this context, more than 60 distinct Fourth Industrial Revolution projects were launched within the group’s subsidiaries during the past four years, with 40 other projects already implemented, and the Edge Center for Learning and Innovation, a leader in the field of Fourth Industrial Revolution skills and development Advanced technology, by developing the skills of 5,000 individuals in 2023, in addition to qualifying 200 individuals to advanced levels in five training courses to obtain certificates in several fields, including lean management, the Six Sigma approach, soft digitization, analytics, the Internet of Things, and smart management.

EDGE works with Emirati companies to develop distinguished solutions in highly specialized sectors. In the field of the aviation industry, the group cooperated with local small and medium companies to develop the “RABDA” aviation engine, which is a lightweight, compact and high-performance engine that integrates seamlessly with a wide range of aircraft. The marcher.

The RABDA engine will be used to support the design, development and production of several UAE-made unmanned aircraft.

This achievement constitutes conclusive evidence of the country’s capabilities in developing the necessary intellectual property by benefiting from local expertise.

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