Newly-elected Chilean president’s hairstyle and tattoo surprise netizens

Users of the popular Internet forum Reddit discussed the photo of the president-elect of Chile, Gabriel Boric. In the photo he shows tattoos on his arm, faded hair and beard, wears a black shirt, and looks at the phone in Parliament Hall.

One commentator joked that Borich still had a few tattoos of the country’s president.

Another compared the future head of state to a representative of the race of the inhabitants of the asteroid belt from the science fiction television series Space. But others have noticed that he looks like the main villain from the “Far Cry” world.

Chile’s presidential elections were held in two stages. In the second round, Gabriel Boric, a socialist and former leader of student protests, a representative of the Social Convergence Party, competed with the right-wing conservative of the Republican Party, Jose Antonio Caste. Borich, who supported the introduction of a wealth tax, free education and legalization of abortion, overtook the representative of conservative forces by 11%, receiving 55% of the vote.

The new head of state will have to sign a new constitution for the country, the draft of which must be submitted in 2022 by the constitutional conference, after which it will be passed in a non-national referendum.

After the inauguration ceremony on March 11, 2022, the 35-year-old Borek is set to become the world’s second youngest head of state.

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