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Revealed a way to speed up Google Chrome on Android

Google Chrome is one of the simplest and most resource intensive browsers in the world. A guide describing how to increase the speed of the application.

Be aware that this guide will delete your browser history, including saved logins and passwords. If your usernames and accounts aren’t automatically synced to Chrome, you’ll need to re-enter them the first time you visit.

To perform the procedure to speed up the browser, you must open any site with Google Chrome, and then click on the three dots button in the upper right corner.
Then you need to go to the “History” section and click “Clear history…”. On the page that opens, you need to check all three items, namely “Browser history”, “Cookies and site data” as well as “Cache images and other files”, and then click on “Delete data” in the lower right corner .

Thus, the browser will reset not only all saved data, but also files, freeing a certain amount of memory in the smartphone’s storage, which will have a good effect on the further operation of the device.

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