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Foods that increase your chances of surviving cancer

According to scientists from Anderson Cancer Center, USA, the use of fibers and probiotics has a positive effect on the results of cancer immunotherapy.
They talked about this in an article in the journal Science.

The gut microbiome is shaped by many factors, including nutrition. Researchers recruited 438 skin cancer patients to see how consumption of microbiome-friendly fibers and probiotics affects cancer immunotherapy.
Participants reported their diet, intake of probiotics and antibiotics.

There was no significant difference in survival between those who took the probiotics and those who did not. However, the survival rate was higher in patients who consumed adequate amounts of fiber. The highest survival rate was for those who took the fiber and probiotics.

Other studies in mice have shown that dietary fiber and probiotics promote the growth of healthy bacteria, which also positively affect the immune system’s ability to fight tumors. In mice that received antibiotics and did not consume enough dietary fiber, tumors developed more actively.

Researchers conclude that proper nutrition during cancer treatment may increase the chances of recovery.
It appears that these findings could be extended to cancers other than melanoma, but it needs to be confirmed in future studies.

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