Lawyer who investigated abortion legalization in the United States dies

In the United States, at the age of 76, Sarah Waddington, the attorney who spoke in the 1971 case Roe v. Wade, in which abortion was subsequently legalized throughout the United States, died.

Weddington’s death was announced through her former student, attorney Susan Hayes, who learned that the woman had been found dead in her home.
The cause of death is currently unknown, but Hayes explained that Weddington has had several health issues recently.

Shortly after graduation, Weddington, along with fellow student Linda Covey, filed a lawsuit on behalf of American Norma McCorvey, who used the pseudonym “Jane Roe” in a case against the state of Texas, whose laws at the time prohibited women from receiving medical treatment. for abortion.
As a result of hearings in the country’s Supreme Court, a decision was made to prevent states from enacting laws that completely deprive the country’s residents of the right to abortion.

After her success in the case, Weddington became involved in politics, winning elections to the Texas House of Representatives and serving as a congresswoman for three terms.
In addition, she became the Special Assistant to US President Jimmy Carter, who held this position from 1977 to 1981.

Sarah Weddington was a proud Texan who led the reproductive rights lawsuit in Roe v. Wade.
“She left behind an incredible legacy that we must protect more than ever,” said Julian Castro, the former mayor of San Antonio.

Although Roe v. Wade has become an important part of American legal history, the legal and political debate over the legality of abortion has recently resumed in the United States.
In the summer of 2022, a decision is expected from the Supreme Court in the Mississippi case, which is seeking to reconsider the decision.

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