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Paralyzed man back on his feet after being vaccinated against Coronavirus


According to Oddity Central, a paralyzed Indian man is getting back on his feet after being vaccinated against the Coronavirus. In 2017, he had a serious accident and could not walk or speak.

Dularchand Munda, a 55-year-old male from Jharkhand state, has been bedridden for 5 years. He was unable to speak or move until he was vaccinated against COVID-19 on January 4. According to Al-Hindi, a few hours after the vaccination, he began to move his limbs, and then returned to standing.

Now Dularchand walks with a stick, taking several steps with breaks. In addition, the miraculous cure baffled local doctors, so a council was formed to analyze the man’s medical history and provide objective information.

Dr. Jitendra Kumar commented: “I was surprised to see this. If Munda recovered from an illness that lasted several days, that would be understandable, but the sudden recovery after vaccination is incredible.

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