Hysteric displacement from Hong Kong after a new outbreak of Covid -19

The number of land transport flights from Hong Kong rose to China’s mainland from 1 February to 17 to three times compared to last year’s data and exceeded 24,000 flights.

At the same time Friday, February 18, on the border crossing with Shenzhen Chinese, there were several hours of queues from those who want to leave Hong Kong. Most of them leave for relatives.

Refugees pointed out that in Hong Kong due to growth of disease and constraints, it became impossible to work and learn, as well as medical institutions do not deal with the flow of patients.

At the same time, a 14-day quarantine in Shenzhen and self-insulation at home for seven days, which are mandatory for all inside Hong Kong.

In some Chinese cities, trying to stop the flow of refugees from Hong Kong. , Zhuhai, Dongguan and Huhyzhou, announced a cash prize to report illegal transport for Hong Kong travelers.


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