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The attempts failed to restore Russians from Egypt

AZUR AIR is canceled No. 686 from Egypt and scheduled for re-stranded from Russians in Egypt, temporarily due to new US sanctions.

This was announced in its telegrams by the head of the Russian Federal Tourism Agency Zarina Doguzova.

The IAEA president said in its publication that the Federal Air Transport is working with its colleagues from the Egyptian aviation authorities to ensure that the flight takes off in the near future.

“Tourists must be in touch with the organizer – will be informed once any changes or news.”

Dujuzova confirmed that tourist organizers extend the establishment of Russian citizens on their own expense. The head of the circle added that everyone had no time to return home on time would be resettled in hotels and will get everything he needs.

Earlier, the President of Turpomoshch, Alexander Oslainko, said about 50,000 tourists were unable to return to Russia because of air travel difficulties.


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