How many nuclear warheads North Korea has?

How many nuclear warheads North Korea has?

North Korea currently has no more than 20 nuclear warheads, according to the South China Morning Post website, citing the Stockholm Peace Research Institute (SIPRI).

According to SIPRI, 20 units is “the number of nuclear warheads already in North Korea”. According to the institute, figures published in previous years indicate the number of warheads the DPRK could build based on its capabilities.

The institute said North Korea’s stockpiles of fissile material had grown in 2021 to a level sufficient to produce 45 to 55 nuclear warheads.

According to the Stockholm Institute report, the DPRK may also have a “certain number of intermediate-range ballistic missile warheads”.

As of January, the number of nuclear warheads in the world was estimated at 12,705, according to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute report, “The world’s nuclear arsenal is expected to grow in the coming decades.”

Russia has the largest nuclear arsenal with 5,977 warheads, followed by the United States with 5,428 warheads. Together, they make up nearly 90% of the world’s nuclear warheads. China came in third place with 350 warheads, France 290, Britain 180, Pakistan 165, India 160, and Israel 90.

On Sunday, June 5, North Korea launched eight short-range ballistic missiles from at least two locations toward the Sea of ​​Japan. At the same time, other sites were not identified, as well as their number.

Earlier, the US special representative for North Korea, Son Kim, said that, apparently, North Korea has completed preparations for the seventh stage of nuclear tests, which can be conducted at any time.

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