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Effective ways to deal with cravings for smoking

Drug scientist Daniil Petrov told Muslenta that to overcome nicotine addiction, the desire is often not enough, a person who decides to quit smoking may need the help of specialists.

Nicotine addiction is considered one of the most dangerous and difficult types of addiction, because nicotine is addictive at the biochemical level. The most important role in quitting smoking can be played not only by a person’s mood, but also by psychotherapy.

There are also several patented treatments for nicotine addiction: NLP, acupuncture, and hypnosis. On the whole, if the patient has the will to treat and get rid of the bad habit, these techniques can help achieve a positive result,” the doctor explains.

Drugs that replace nicotine should not be abandoned, they help get rid of a bad habit at the initial stage, but it makes no sense to use them for a long time, since their effect does not last more than two months.

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