Elvis Presley jewelry up for auction

Elvis Presley gave a set of jewelry to his manager Tom Parker. It was lost, but 10 years later it was found, and it will now be sold at auction.

Collectors and fans of the singer have spent decades searching for the collection. Brigitte Cross, founder and CEO of GWS Auctions, found and collected these items, which can now be seen together for the first time.

Two hundred items, including gem-encrusted gold rings, cufflinks, watches, chains and a guitar, will be auctioned on August 27.

Presley’s ex-wife Priscilla worked with Cross to find the set. “There are a lot of products in the world that are not authentic and that worries me. I want to make sure that this stuff goes to someone who takes care of it and loves it.”

Priscilla added that her husband was constantly buying jewelry for Parker. As a result, Presley did not know what to offer him, because the manager had everything.

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