Disaster looms for Anthony Albanese as younger voters abandon the Labor Party while support in key states nosedives

Disaster looms for Anthony Albanese as younger voters support for the Labor Party nosedives in Western Australia and NSW, according to a new poll. 

The results from Newspoll show that while Labor is leading 52-48 in two-party-preferred terms, it is down 6 per cent on its election result in WA and sliding in NSW. 

However, the support for federal Labor has lifted in Queensland.  

It appears that men and younger voters have swung towards the Coalition with Labor’s traditional advantage significantly eroded in a 10-point turnaround towards the Liberal-Nationals.

The Prime Minister had been desperately hoping to get things back on track in 2024, following months of rocky polling results on the heels of the Voice, a backflip on tax cuts and the growing cost-of-living crisis. 

But the Coalition and Labor are equally split among men at 50-50 for the first time, marking a fall 31 per cent in the primary vote for Labor since the end of last year. 

More to come.

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