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Major General Muhammad Al-Duwairi: The joint article by the leaders of Egypt, Jordan and France was drafted by leaders involved in the Gaza crisis.

Deputy Director General of the Egyptian Center for Thought and Strategic Studies, Major General Mohamed Ibrahim Al-Duwairi, said that President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, in an unprecedented qualitative development, crystallized an integrated vision required to resolve the Gaza crisis, through a joint article with the Jordanian King, King Abdullah II. And French President Emmanuel Macron, where the article clearly defined the foundations necessary to end the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip.


Major General Al-Duwairi explained, today, Tuesday, that the importance of this article stems from the fact that it It included two main points. The first is that those who drafted this article are three of the most important leaders of the countries in the world involved in the Gaza crisis, especially Egypt and Jordan, which consider the Palestinian issue a major part of their national security, in addition to the positive and active role that France plays at the international level. The second point is the timing of the article that was published in the context of the ongoing intense negotiations aimed at reaching a humanitarian truce.


He added: “The three leaders stressed that the Gaza crisis must be resolved It should include three main axes: The first includes the urgent measures that must be implemented immediately, and the second axis includes the steps that must be taken in the post-war phase, which will ultimately lead to reaching a comprehensive solution to the Palestinian issue. The third axis includes a set of basic principles that everyone must respect and adhere to. “.


He continued that with regard to urgent measures, the article focused on supporting the negotiations mediated by Egypt, Qatar and the United States for a ceasefire and the liberation of hostages and detainees, as well as immediate implementation. Security Council Resolution No. 2728 calling for a permanent ceasefire and the immediate release of all hostages.


The article continued that the article warned of the dangerous consequences of the Israeli attack on the Palestinian city of Rafah, which will lead to displacement.


He noted that the article talked about intensifying efforts to meet the humanitarian and medical needs of the population in Gaza in coordination with the United Nations system and regional partners, as well as calling on the active parties to refrain from any escalatory action to avoid regional repercussions, and to stop all unilateral measures, including That is Israeli settlement activity and the confiscation of lands.


As for future measures… Major General Al-Duwairi noted that the article highlighted the need to restore hope for peace and security for all in the region, especially for the two Palestinian peoples. And Israel, with emphasis on intensifying joint efforts to achieve an effective two-state solution, and achieving peace through the establishment of an independent, sovereign Palestinian state in accordance with international law, in addition to the importance of the Security Council playing a decisive role in decisively reopening the horizon for peace.


With regard to the main principles that everyone must adhere to… Major General Al-Duwairi said that the article shed light in this regard on ending the war in the Gaza Strip and the catastrophic human suffering it causes, and that violence, terrorism and war cannot To bring peace to the region, in addition to urging all parties to adhere to international resolutions with equal respect for all lives and to condemn all violations and abuses of humanitarian and international law, and that protecting civilians is a legal obligation for all parties.


He added that the article stressed in this regard the role played by United Nations agencies, including the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA). And humanitarian actors, with the need to protect their workers and condemn the killing of humanitarian aid workers, as well as respect the current historical and legal status of the Islamic and Christian holy sites in Jerusalem.


Major General Muhammad Ibrahim stressed, This realistic vision, which aims to get out of the current quagmire, is undoubtedly a clear message directed to Israel that the time has come to end this crisis, whose regional effects are escalating, and that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu must respond to all international demands to resolve the crisis without delay.


He believed that this vision is also a message directed to the international community and the Security Council that they must act urgently to save global peace and security, as the continuation of this crisis in this turbulent region will lead to… To disastrous results that will negatively affect the interests of all parties.


Major General Mohamed Ibrahim concluded his statements by saying that President Sisi was keen for this article to include all the positions adopted by the political leadership, not Only in the field of the Gaza crisis or resolving the Palestinian issue, but also with regard to the comprehensive Egyptian vision to support security and stability in the region.  

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