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The 10 best brown mascaras you should have in your beauty bag

There’s no denying it, brown is the new black. Now, unsurprisingly mascara is the next beauty item to go brunette. If you need any more convincing, pay a visit to TikTok, where the #brownmascara hashtag has racked up over 188 million views.

Like with a brown liner, the appeal is that your mascara doesn’t show up as dramatically as your standard black. It also errs on the side of sophistication. It’s great for people with lighter features and blue eyes as it contrasts well against paler skin. With darker brown eyes, the effect is more natural, perfect for an every day look.

There are different ways to get into this look. You could go for a mascara like Charlotte Tilburry’s Dream Pop which shows up as a lighter brown shade for some contrast if your lashes are really light or dark. You could also go the other way and opt for a mascara like Dior Beauty’s Overcurl – which is almost black. If your eyes are green, Tiktok has spoken and let us know we should be using burgundy mascara like YSL’s Lash Clash. Whichever approach you’re going for, check out these options below for the lashes of your dreams! 


1. YSL BEAUTY Lash Clash Mascara in Brown

Not only does this serve up volume and length, but it lasts for up to 24 hours. The shade is a true brown with just a hint of warmth, making it great for green and hazel eyes.


2. BURBERRY BEAUTY Ultimate Lift Mascara in Natural Brown

Because of the spoon-shaped brush, Burberry’s Natural Lift Mascara is – as the name suggests – excellent for pushing the lashes up, and creating a lifted curl. The shade is more of a brown-black, so works if you want a dramatic lash, but just a little softer than true black.


3. BENEFIT COSMETICS They’re Real Tinted Eyelash Primer

While technically a primer, this mascara brush is unmatched when it comes to creating brown-skimming length (the secret is the plastic comb wand that separates and pulls every lash). The pigment is soft and the finish natural — perfect for no makeup makeup.


4. TOO FACED Better Than Sex Mascara in Chocolate

If you think brown mascara isn’t conducive to thick, full, fluffy, ‘are-they-real’ type lashes, you haven’t tried Better Than Sex in Chocolate. The formula has all the hallmarks of the cult-classic original (plush brush, buildable consistency for mega volume) but in a creamy brown shade. It’s the perfect accompaniment to a smudgy brown eye look.


5. GLOSSIER Lash Slick in Brown

Now, this is exciting. As a huge fan of Glossier’s Lash Slick in Black, I know I’m going to be into the brown shade. The formula is very smooth and gives my eyelashes a lift that feels weightless and extends the hair without making them look clumpy. A must try IMO.


6. MECCA MAX Lash Whip Tubing Mascara in Brown

If you cry easily (we see you, Cancerians), or just hate the idea of smudgy, flaky mascara, get familiar with a tubing formula. Unlike traditional mascara, tubing versions create little cylinders around your lash, meaning there’s zero change of fallout, running and smearing. They’re always been hard to find in brown, but this wallet-friendly Mecca Max one ticks every box. It removes easily with warm water and subtle pressure, too.


7. ELLIS FAAS Mascara in Milk Chocolate

This is waxy and soft, so it’s nice for building up a fluffy, fanned look. The brown hue is quite light and the pigment isn’t overly dense, so it’s a nice choice for those with light features and/or blonde lashes.


8. DIOR BEAUTY Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara in Brown

A cult classic for good reason, Diorshow Iconic Overcurl pushes the lashes up, while the fast-drying formula locks them in place for Bambi-esque curl. The wear is impressive, and its enriched jojoba, cotton and cornflower water to soften and nourish each lash.


9. CHARLOTTE TILBURY Pillow Talk Push Up Lashes! Mascara in Dream Pop

This one’s got the TikTok girlies talking! The original shade ‘Super Black’ is a top-tier award-winning mascara that has gained traction due to its clump-free volume-making and lengthening qualities. Dream Pop is a burgundy shade that looks incredible against blue eyes.


10. MAYBELLINE Lash Sensational Sky High Mascara in Brown

Another TikTok viral number, this drugstore buy from Maybelline promises crazy-good length. The flexible brush grabs every single lash, while the lightweight formula is enriched with bamboo for a weightless finish. You can apply countless counts and it won’t clump, either.


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