Masters storm sees Atlanta Braves postpone MLB game vs New York Mets on Wednesday night – 150 miles from Augusta National – amid fears the first day could be a WASHOUT

Those keeping eyes on the weather ahead of the first round of the prestigious Masters tournament will not be happy to see the nearby Atlanta Braves postponed their game on Wednesday night against the New York Mets. 

The game was postponed due to ‘inclement weather’ as a massive rainstorm passes through Georgia. 

Tomorrow’s game in Atlanta, which is 150 miles from Augusta National, is slated to be played as scheduled. However, the water-logged damage could be done to the course. 

Golf needs clear conditions to be played, especially at the highest level. Delaying a golf tournament to have a Monday finish is not unheard of, but would be an extreme disappointment for arguably the sport’s biggest yearly event.

Heavy rain is expected throughout Wednesday evening and is set to continue for the into Thursday morning. Thunderstorms are expected to come into the area as the first players are due to tee off at 8 am Eastern. 

The Masters is arguably golf’s biggest event of year and could face rain delays on Thursday

Jon Rahm won last year's Masters tournament after a rain delays on Friday and Saturday

Jon Rahm won last year’s Masters tournament after a rain delays on Friday and Saturday

The Masters is one of the most exclusive tournaments in golf and having a limited field of players allows for flexibility and avoids the usual pitfalls of bad weather associated with four-round tournaments. 

Playing more than one round of The Masters on the same day is not out of the question.  

Augusta National uses a ‘Sub-Air’ system that allows them to control moisture levels on surfaces, as a state-of-the-art golf course should 

However, excess water may slow down some of the greens, which some thought may have been the fastest in the tournament’s 88-year history.

Although the forecast beyond Thursday looks pristine, weather could impact the tournament’s format for a second straight year. 

Rain on Friday and Saturday of last year’s Masters led to a long day of play Sunday, culminating with Jon Rahm’s victory.  

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