Michael Jennings leads out Sydney Roosters for 300th game despite NRL snub

The Roosters and coach Trent Robinson have come under fire, with Robinson refuting any suggestions his club “doesn’t take the safety of women seriously”.

Wilden herself told this masthead last weekend: “I think it’s disgraceful that they have allowed this to happen. It’s upsetting as I feel the NRL doesn’t take the safety of women seriously.”

The Roosters have been hit by injuries and concussions, which paved the way for Jennings to play his 299th game last weekend, then his 300th in the Hunter.

Robinson said during the week that Jennings deserved  to be celebrated, albeit a little differently.

“He’s come a long way, ‘Jenko’ … people can have their opinion, but I feel really proud about what we’re doing as a club to get a player that’s bled in our jersey to get back on his feet, working in the area that he’s passionate about and he’s good at, and to get his life and his family life back in order,” he said.


“There’s been no criminal charges. So the differentiation between what happens in civil and financial payment and what happens in criminal is really different. And it’s been hard for people to understand the difference. They’ve been crossing over, but what judgment can we make when it’s not being criminal and gone down the traditional line there.

“And so therefore, it’s not disrespectful to women because there has been no judgment when it’s come to criminal case in that way.”

Jennings avoided being booed by the Newcastle locals. While a convoy of cars gathered in western Sydney to celebrate Jennings special game, including members of the Tongan community.

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